Prova-Niloy-Romana together for first time

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Prova-Niloy-Romana together for first timeFor the first time popular TV actress Prova, actor Niloy and film actress Romana have performed together under the direction of Shamima Shammi in her play titled ‘Chhuye Gelo Mon.’
Earlier they didn’t have experience to perform together in common play. Shooting of this play was wrapped up yesterday, said its director Shamima Shammi.
Director herself has written story of the play.
This play, produced under the banner of Telehome, will go on air in any satellite channel soon, Shammi said.
In the play, Prova, Niloy and Romana have performed in roles of  ‘Borsha,’ ‘Abir’ and ‘Chhoya’ respectively.
While sharing her feelings to perform in the play Romana told this correspondent, “It’s story is very contemporary. I have worked with Prova and Niloy for first time. I have really enjoyed performing with them. I am really grateful to Shammi apa to give me the opportunity to perform in this play under her direction.”
Prova shared her feelings by this way, “I am very hopeful with this play. Because our teamwork was good.”
Niloy said in this regard, “Within very short time it was my experience to perform in such a good story based play. It was my first work against Romana apa and Prova. Both of them are very cooperative. I am requesting the viewers to watch the play.”
It may be mentioned that Shamima Shammi lastly made a play titled ‘Golap Noy Gladiolus’ to cast Richi and Prova.
However, besides performing in drama serials, Prova, Niloy and Romana are also acting in faction plays now.
At present, Romana acted drama serial ‘Scandal,’ Prova acted serial ‘Oporajita’ and Niloy performed serial ‘Nil Ronger Golpo’ are being aired in different satellite channels.




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