10 Things Women Hate about Men

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10 Things Women Hate about  Men
Be it a wet towel on the bed or making disparaging comments about your TV habits, your man knows very well how to get on your nerves, isn’t it?

But you are not the only one, as there are some standard habits men have that annoy women to the core. Christina Hopkinson, author of the book ‘The Pile Of Stuff At The Bottom Of The Stairs’, tells you the top ten things that women hate about men.

Disparaging comments about our TV habits ::
OK, so nobody ever claimed that the Sky Living channel was great art, but is a televisual diet of America’s Next Top Model and repeats of Grey’s Anatomy really so much worse than watching endless sports programmes?

Yes, it’s true that all reality talent shows are almost identical but it could also be argued that a nil-all result in the Premiership doesn’t exactly rival Shakespeare for drama.

Women believe that the size of your TV is in inverse proportion to the size of your brain, while their men seem to think that some other screen-size/body part correlation is going on and so opt for the full-on Odeon surround-sound experience.
Home tip::
1.  Jumping to Conclusions: Whelp, looks like you are 0 for 1. You’ve already done it… Just by reading the headline of this post your mind raced ahead and thought “this ought to be good.” There is no worse enemy to the typical woman than her own mind.

2. Talking on the Phone: Thanks to the power of texting, it is quite acceptable by today’s standards to have a complete relationship without ever talking on the phone. Granted, that doesn’t lend itself to a healthy relationship… it will, however, make men happy. The only way talking on the phone is acceptable is if the conversation is held to under 4 minutes and 30 seconds. There is no reason why any conversation should take longer than that.

3. Talking in General: If you want to talk about your day, we will begrudgingly listen and nod our heads as you go on and on and on about every little detail. When you turn the tables, don’t expect us to by quite as open. When men are asked the question “How was your day?” there are only three answers we can supply. A) Good. B) Fine. C) It sucked. All three of those answers do not require, nor will it ever, be accompanied by an explanation. We worked really hard to get through our day; we don’t want to relive it by explaining the whole damn thing to you.

4. Facebook Stalking: Yes, I have friends that are girls. No, I don’t think any of them are prettier than you. You women have mastered the art of being Facebook creeptastic. With a few clicks of the button you are sizing up random girl because some skank from high school posted “Happy Birthday!” with a winky face. Slow your roll, bunny boiler.

5. Stupid Baggy Dress: Ok, I don’t know what they are called, and neither does Google, so Stupid Baggy Dress is as good as I can come up with. Let me explain… these are those short dresses that are baggy on top and around the stomach area then get tight around the thigh. I don’t care if you feel bloated while you’re on your period, there is no excuse for this. It looks like a mumu for  hookers.

6. Make-Up: Contrary to what all women believe, men can’t stand make up. Natural is sexy. Unless you are naturally ugly… then by all means, pile it on. It’s nice to get dolled up from time to time, but if in the morning my pillow looks like a Picasso painting maybe it’s time to re-asses your application techniques.

7. Masters of the Obvious: For some reasons girls LOVE to point out the obvious. Just because something pops up into you head doesn’t mean you should vocalize it with the group. Think before you speak, if it sounds interesting to you it probably isn’t.

8. Mentally Fat Girls: The only thing men hate more then fat girls are skinny girls who think they are fat. When we compliment you, accept it… say thank you and move on. Please don’t question our compliment or match it with a “ugh, are you kidding? I feel like a cow.” The most attractive thing to a man is confidence… get some.

9. Lady Gaga: Because the only guy that can wear glitter make-up and get away with it is Elton John.

10. Nagging: Contrary to popular belief, we heard you the first time. If you ask us to take out the trash, chances are we will… just on our own time. When you ask us to do something, you mean now, and we don’t like that. What you see as a lack of urgency, we see as patience and an innate ability to asses the situation without rushing… stop jumping to conclusions.


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