US to work with Hasina govt

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US to work with Hasina govtDespite disappointment of the January 5 general election, the US will continue to work with the government of Sheikh Hasina, says US Department of State.
“We continue to work – of course we will, but while at the same time making clear our concerns with the election,” said Marie Harf, deputy spokesperson of the US Department of State.
She was replying to a question on the new government of Bangladesh at a press briefing in Washington DC on January 13.
Asked whether the USA will recognise the government, Harf said, “Well, that’s not exactly how it works. We obviously work with governments who are elected, but in regards to these elections themselves, we have already made clear our disappointment with the elections.”
The election did not credibly reflect the will of the Bangladeshi people since almost all of the seats of the new parliament weren’t contested or had only token opposition, she said.
“So we’ll make clear our concerns when we have them,” Harf said.


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