Why Chris Gayle stayed on with RCB

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Royal Challengers BangaloreRoyal Challengers Bangalore: West Indies opener and Royal Challengers Bangalore star Chris Gayle was asking for a hefty fee from RCB giving rise to speculation that he could be put up for auction. However, Gayle decided to stay back and was retained by RCB.

Sources say Gayle may have changed his mind after learning that that some of the big teams were retaining up to five cricketers in their teams.

Commenting on the development, team owner Mallya said, “This formidable trio of players have contributed significantly to RCB’s past performance and are match-winners in their own right. Their retention means that we have a strong platform to build an exceptional team.”
“I am happy and honoured to be retained by RCB and it’s great to be back to Bangalore, literally my 2nd home now … Am looking forward to working closely with Dan Vettori. Bowling Coach Allan Donald’s experience will add a lot of value. Together with my other retained mates Chris and AB and the rest of the team, I hope to fulfill the faith that RCB and the fans of Bangalore have reposed in me,” said Kohli in a team statement.
Gayle said: “Home Again!! I am happy to be retained by RCB and looking forward to the love and affection … Bangalore, here I come again and let’s rock!!!!”
RCB owner Vijay Mallya tweeted: “Delighted to retain Virat, Gayle and AB in RCB. Easily amongst the best players in the World. We will build a strong squad around them.”


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