5 Things Women Do to Turn Men Off

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5 Things Women Do to Turn Men Off
Five things that surprisingly could be a turn off for men
1.Forcing men to marry you; Is the number one turn off for most guys. Guys aren’t thinking about marriage. Women put so much pressure on us, they lose sight of what’s important love. Relax, if it’s going to happen let it happen naturally. Every girl wants a big fancy wedding, but us guys don’t want to go broke paying for it.
2..Boring in bed; Not putting it down like you were when you first met. I think you can figure out what I’m getting at here. If you were freaky when I met you, stay that way don’t change. When sex starts to become “routine” you might find your man looking elsewhere.
3.Excessive talking; There’s nothing worse than coming home from work and having a long debate about nothing. Ladies save the talking until we get finished watching the dummy box. Once we finish watching the game you can talk all you want.
4.Fake hair; If I can’t tell it’s fake that’s good. I’m really referring tothose rainbow bright weaves. Here’s some advice; if you have naturally short hair you shouldn’t go to the beauty salon, and get the Pocahontas. Be confident with yourself and don’t change. There’s something sexy about a women that is confident about her appearance.
5.Wearing too much makeup; This is a huge turn off. You don’t want to over do it, less is more.I understand you want to look pretty, but a pound of make-up just makes you look like a clown. Why would you want to cover up something so beautiful?


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