Nokia Lumia 720: A pricey mid-ranger

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Nokia Lumia 720: A pricey mid-rangerNokia Lumia 720 is the second windows phone we are reviewing for Bytes. Though it was launched nearly 9 months ago, still in Bangladesh the set is fairly new. It came in the market as a high-end phone but now it’s considered a mid-range product. Some features of this phone are mesmerizing yet some are infuriating. So without further ado, let’s jump in to the review:

Let’s first throw away the thought of the price and specs for a while and look at the brilliant design of the handset. It comes with a solid build quality and polycarbonate unibody design. There are several buttons on one side i.e. volume rocker, power-2 -sleep button and camera shutter, whereas 3.5mm headphone jack is on top as others. The thickness is 9mm; a perfect size that’s easy to slip into even in your tightest pockets yet gives you a feel that you are carrying something bold and precious.
Coming to display, we have one simple word to describe it: Awesome! The fabulous 4.3-inch IPS touchscreen is protected with Scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. The pixel counts are: 800×480 which is slightly below the HD range and delivers 217 pixels per inch. The Lumia 720’s resolution might be a bit disappointing but still the display is sharp, clear. The responsivity is high too. So is the sensitivity of the display. You can even use the display wearing gloves, a feature found in high end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4.
Next comes, the performance of the handset. The phone is powered by a dual-core 1GHz processor and backed by 512MB RAM making it an obvious mid-ranger in this market. Some might find it underpowered compared to Android handsets in the market, but that’s just half the story. Windows’, very similar to Apple, has streamlined architecture meaning the underdog can perform like the alpha-dog!  Most Apps run smoothly without slowing down a bit. Although web pages and HD games can be played with some sluggish delay which is at some point acceptable. It delivered an AntuTu performance benchmark rating of 7,628, which puts it behind Samsung III but ahead of others like the Sony
Xperia T.
The apps eco-system of Windows Marketplace is far to less rich to go on any comparison with Google Play or Apple’s App Store, but the essentials like Facebook, Twitter, What’s app and others can be found very easily. It has 140,000 apps now (compared to millions in android) and it’s growing steadily — it may be the last platform on developers’ list of choice, but at least the apps are being created, eventually.-


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