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PRINTS ON PINSThe sidekick has now become the leading hero it seems, because pants have gained a lot of momentum in terms of variation in recent times. First came pants in every colour imaginable, changing the game completely. Then, as people started accepting coloured pants and became more adventurous with their outfits, in came the ultimate statement-maker: prints.

Printed pants are quite hot at the moment. Coupled with the current popularity of simple tops in linen and chiffon, as well as the comeback of the plain white tee, printed pants have come in at the right place at the right time. Just when fashionistas were getting bored with the millennium all-black everything/boyfriend’s closet style, in came a new piece that could be played around with and used as a form of self-expression.
When buying printed pants, take some time to ponder over them before making up your mind. Not all prints are flattering, and some pants out there can bring out the worst in your figure. Remember that while some prints may look good on tops and kameezes, they might look too over the top on pants! It’s a good idea to try on any printed pants that catch your fancy to get a clearer idea on how the print will look before buying them. Although we know that people’s tastes may differ, there is such a thing as too loud when it comes to pants. Additionally, there’s a matter of age-appropriateness too. Pants with hearts and butterflies might look cute on your little sister, but if you see your aunt buying a pair in her size-


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