‘Test worries played a part’

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'Test worries played a part'Head coach Shane Jurgensen (C) has a chat with the Bangladesh players at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium during training yesterday. The management organised an optional training day following the hosts’ thumping defeat in the first Test against Sri Lanka.

From scoring a country-best score of 638 against Sri Lanka in their own den last year to tumbling down like a house of cards at Mirpur last week, Bangladesh’s shocking start to the Test series left many bewildered.
Coach Shane Jurgensen’s immediate explanation was that of a more customary one and blamed the loss on details that could have been readily observed from off the field.
“We just had a flat-out bad game in each of the departments. We did not bat for long periods, we did not apply enough pressure with the ball and in the field we missed a few chances. We haven’t had a game like this since I have been around,” said Jurgensen.
Apart from identifying the obvious mistakes the Australian also felt that the ongoing events in the ICC, especially the proposal that threatens to affect Bangladesh’s Test future, played a role in the thumping innings defeat.
“I personally think that maybe the ICC thing had some bearing. It was on the back of the guys’ minds. Players were disappointed at what potentially could have happened. I think that did have a small but very important effect.
“I know that a lot of the senior players were upset that there might be no more Test cricket for Bangladesh. I just think the timing that these things took place, right before the Test, was not right. You don’t want to make that an excuse.
“But at the same time I think it had a different effect on the players mentally from just the fact that they were sad, from that to maybe we didn’t quite have the focus that we needed to have.
If you get told that you won’t get to play Tests, it’s like a toy gun getting stolen from you. That’s your livelihood, I think somewhere down the line it was an important factor,” said Jurgensen.
The loss led to the team management organising an extra day’s training yesterday. The team reportedly had a discussion and vowed to move on.http://www.thedailystar.net/sports/test-worries-played-a-part-9362


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