Tomalika Kormokar For the Love of Acting

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You have won the hearts of millions of Bangladeshis with your acting on television and films, not to mention the National Film award you won for your performance in “Kittonkhola”. So, in the face of that fame, let’s start with a word of concern – if one spends some time on the internet searching with your name, a lot of sites appear with rubbish and derogatory comments about you.

Tomalika Kormokar For the Love of Acting

Are you aware of this fact?
I’m just learning about this now from you! Thank you for informing me. I will have to see it for myself. Although, I’m not the curious kind. This is both a good and a bad side of me. With due respect to all journalists, I don’t like giving many interviews. There are many newspapers, magazines and online portals; I don’t really keep myself updated about what’s written in all these. Since I’m publicity-shy, I believe there are few bad comments about me, since there is no news about me. Maybe if somebody doesn’t like me or can’t reach me, they might write something negative about me. I don’t think it’s my job to appease every journalist!
Why don’t you like giving interviews?
Sometimes I’ve heard that my interviews have been published, ones which I never gave! When a journalist calls me up and asks how long are you acting with ‘Dhaka Theatre’, it pisses me off. I belong to the theatre troupe ‘Aronnok’. The journalist who intends to interview me must do some background research before calling me up. It’s not like I expect the interviewer to know everything about me, but there should a semblance of some research. There’s a lot of ways to harass a celebrity. When Anal Raihan or Aditya Kabir interviewed me, I used to be scared. The last good interview I gave was for Anondo Bhubon. The Daily Star did a good interview as well. With this interview, I feel good that I’m being interviewed in the proper way. The editor of the magazine and the stylist both contacted me. And you seem to have done your background research!-


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