Ulfa’s Barua now in China

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Ulfa's Barua now in China

Chief of United Liberation Front of Assom (Ulfa), Paresh Barua, who was faces death penalty in Bangladesh in connection with 10-truck arms smuggling, is now living in China, an Indian newspaper reported today.

The Times of India quoting intelligence sources reported that Barua is now living in Rui Li town of China.

According to sources, Barua has been living in the Chinese town, possibly with a woman friend, for the past two years. His wife and two sons live in Bangladesh, the newspaper added.

All the information came to light as Barua made a frantic call from his China hideout in last week which was to one of his key deputies, Jyotirmoy Barali, who looks after an Ulfa camp in Myanmar, sources said.

A Chittagong court on Thursday awarded death penalty to 14 people including the Ulfa chief for smuggling in 10-truck arms in Bangladesh in 2004.-http://www.thedailystar.net/ulfas-barua-now-in-china-9738


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