Tomalika Kormokar For the Love of Acting

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You have won the hearts of millions of Bangladeshis with your acting on television and films, not to mention the National Film award you won for your performance in “Kittonkhola”. So, in the face of that fame, let’s start with a word of concern – if one spends some time on the internet searching with your name, a lot of sites appear with rubbish and derogatory comments about you.

Tomalika Kormokar For the Love of Acting

Are you aware of this fact?
I’m just learning about this now from you! Thank you for informing me. I will have to see it for myself. Although, I’m not the curious kind. This is both a good and a bad side of me. With due respect to all journalists, I don’t like giving many interviews. There are many newspapers, magazines and online portals; I don’t really keep myself updated about what’s written in all these. Since I’m publicity-shy, I believe there are few bad comments about me, since there is no news about me. Read the rest of this entry »



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PRINTS ON PINSThe sidekick has now become the leading hero it seems, because pants have gained a lot of momentum in terms of variation in recent times. First came pants in every colour imaginable, changing the game completely. Then, as people started accepting coloured pants and became more adventurous with their outfits, in came the ultimate statement-maker: prints. Read the rest of this entry »

6 ways to fall back madly in love

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6 ways to fall back madly in love
You’ve been together far too long. But instead of looking for options, here are ways to bring back that feeling

You come together in the first flush of romance, but drift apart as things get comfortable. Sometimes there can be such a thing as too much space. Instead of starting all over again with someone new, why not restart what you have Read the rest of this entry »

9 things you should never tell your spouse

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9 things you should never tell your spouse
Long-time, happily married couples sometimes need to watch what they say and how they say it.

At the same time they also need to watch how they respond to what their significant other has to say.

Just because you’re extremely comfortable with someone doesn’t mean you never have to watch your mouth.

“Communication is tricky. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Things Women Do to Turn Men Off

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5 Things Women Do to Turn Men Off
Five things that surprisingly could be a turn off for men
1.Forcing men to marry you; Is the number one turn off for most guys. Guys aren’t thinking about marriage. Women put so much pressure on us, they lose sight of what’s important love. Relax, if it’s going to happen let it happen naturally. Every girl wants a big fancy wedding, but us guys don’t want to go broke paying for it.
2..Boring in bed; Not putting it down like you were when you first met. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Things Women Hate about Men

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10 Things Women Hate about  Men
Be it a wet towel on the bed or making disparaging comments about your TV habits, your man knows very well how to get on your nerves, isn’t it?

But you are not the only one, as there are some standard habits men have that annoy women to the core. Christina Hopkinson, author of the book ‘The Pile Of Stuff At The Bottom Of The Stairs’ Read the rest of this entry »

Celeb-loved fitness fads here to stay

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Celeb-loved fitness fads here to stay

Stars like Julianne Hough love to get in a good workout at Sky Zone, tumbling and somersaulting health star fitness through the air. Flywheel: This indoor cycling experience has been gaining momentum for a while now, but it’s not going anywhere in 2014. This is still one of the biggest fitness fads loved by celebrities like Jessica Alba , Sofia Vergara, Emmy Rossum and Katrina Bowden . They love the combination of the weights, the energizing playlists and encouraging instructors. Fitness fads come and go, but some of them, including flywheel Read the rest of this entry »